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Hi, I'm Nyheim

Full Stack Software Engineer

👨🏾‍💻 Coding ideas into reality 👨🏾‍💻



Full-stack software engineer with over two years of experience in React, Ruby on Rails, TypeScript, Next.js, React Native, & GoLang. I excel in problem-solving, thrive on innovation, and have a strong foundation in business communications and analysis. My recent role at connectRN involved crafting high-performing, scalable code, translating design concepts into functional software, and seamlessly integrating third-party libraries. I am passionate about continuous learning, especially in frontend, backend, and mobile development. I am drawn to impactful projects in areas like healthcare, education, and social justice. Additionally, I prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and seek like-minded companies to collaborate with. I am eager to connect with recruiters and fellow engineers who share my vision and enthusiasm.

Work Experience

My Resume
Software Engineer
Full Stack Software Engineer
Workit Health
Full Stack Software Engineer
Orchestra Health
Software Engineer I


Mobile App
Pawsitive Pairing

Mobile app in progress. First demo available on watch the video.

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Happy Tummy

Currently in progress.

GitHubLive site

Web app to my favorite plants and trees.

GitHubLive site
Open Source
JS Pros

Open source contributions

GitHubLive site
How to Break Into Tech

Lead Up Podcast: Episode #33 w/ Nyheim Hunter

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SWE Journey (Bootcamp to First Role)

My first youtube video of how I attain my first full stack software engineer role.

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Sky Diving

My goal is to do things and live life without regrets.

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